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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Camellia Boutique online!

We hope you enjoy our selection of fine gifts. For your convenience, gifts ordered online for a current patient at CarolinaEast will be delivered Monday through Friday 9am – 4pm to the guest’s room by our volunteers.

Room Delivery Available

Patient Information Questions

Q: Do I need a room number?
A: No, but it is helpful to verify that we have identified the correct patient. Before each delivery, we verify each patient’s room number with the hospital.

Q: What if I know the room number, but not the patient’s name?
A: Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we cannot access any patient information other than their room number.

Q: What happens if the patient is discharged?
A: Often patients get to go home sooner than expected. We gladly reroute the delivery to a home address at no extra cost, no matter how far the home may be from the hospital.

Q: Do I need to provide the home address for a re-routed delivery?
A: Yes. Because of security reasons and HIPAA, most hospitals will not release private patient information (such as a home address). A home address must be provided by the customer.

Q: What happens with my order if the patient passes away?
A: If a patient passes away, we are more than happy to forward the delivery to the patient’s family or the location where the ceremony will be held for no extra charge. A full refund may also be issued if you do not wish to forward the delivery.

Delivery Questions

Q: When is your cut-off time for same day delivery?
A: Our cut-off time for guaranteed same day delivery is 12pm, local time. Orders placed after 12pm may still be delivered same day, but it is not guaranteed for delivery until next day.

Q: What time will my order be delivered?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. Orders will be delivered within normal business hours.

Q: Do you deliver on Saturday or Sunday?
A: Orders placed after 12pm on Friday and all orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be delivered on Monday (delivery delays may occur during major floral holidays).

Q: How will I know when my order has been delivered?
A: A delivery confirmation email will be sent to the email that was indicated on the order.